Friday, April 20, 2012

40 and Leroy on Kickstarter/

After a three-month hiatus, followers of the popular web series 40 and Leroy Crazy in New York can rejoice!  Now you can watch new episodes of the web series for the first time on   Some of the episodes running this season will be exclusive only to the website and with subsequent airings on YouTube and Funny-or-Die a month later.
In the tradition of the great comedic duos like Fred and Lamont to The Wayans Bros, comes the contemporary slapstick team of 40 and Leroy!  Crazy in New York, is a web series that follows cousins 40oz and Leroy and a host of diverse characters as they explore the highs and lows of the life of everyday urban youth living in the city. Raw and unscripted the show is a grassroots POV on 21st century banter and culture. 
In the Season 3 opener, after searching all over New York City for a missing Leroy, 40 runs into a little trouble of his own. 40’s search for Leroy will lead both the fella’s into a world of the occult and the supernatural.  This season will bring many surprises, and a whole bunch of laughs.  If you haven't seen the 40 and Leroy Webisodes in a while this could be a good time to join in on the the fun.  Check out the new Blip channel and website. Let us know what you think. "Like" us on facebook or "comment" or subscribe!